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64 Channel All-in-One H.265 HD DVR w/ HARDWARE RAID

64 Channel All-in-One H.265 HD DVR w/ HARDWARE RAID

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• Supports 64 Cameras at 4K / 5MP / 4MP / 3MP / 1080 / 960P / 720P Resolution
• Supports H.265 Compression (High Profile), which allows for higher quality picture and a lower bitrate compared to H.264
•Supports hardware RAID: RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, RAID10
•Intuitive and user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) with full operation by mouse
• Multiple Recording Modes: Manual, Scheduled, Motion and Sensor.
• Playback: 16 Channels simultaneous
• Search: Search by Time Slice, Time, Event (Manual, Sensor, Motion), Tag Search
• Quick and Intuitive Backup via USB and Network.
• Pentaplex Operation: Can simultaneously allow Preview, Record, Playback, Backup and Remote Access from different users
• Network functions such as DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE protocols supported and also access with CMS clients
• Remote Access using Internet Explorer/Safari or CVMS: Live Preview,Playback, Backup, PTZ and System Configuration
• Dual Streams Recording allows for full High Definition recording to hard drive while supplying a lower
resolution for remote viewing with mobile devices and computers
• Supports multiple online users
• User management, Log Viewing and Device Status
• True HDMI 4K Output display
• Supports PTZ Presets and Auto Cruise – up to 255 Presets and 8 Cruises
• NAT and QR Code functionality allows remote access with mobile devices and computers without the need
for port-forwarding
• Powerful Mobile Apps for mobile devices and tablets available on iOS and Android® OS


Available HDD options

• 1TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-1T
• 2TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-2T
• 3TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-3T
• 4TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-4T
• 6TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-6T
• 8TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-8T
• 12TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-12T
• 16TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-16T
• 20TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-20T
• 24TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-24T
• 28TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-28T
• 32TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-32T
• 36TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-36T
• 42TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-42T
• 48TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-48T
• 56TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-56T
• 64TB HDD: AVR-HN564E2N-64T


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• Push Notifications for instant access to DVR/NVR when Motion / Video Analysis occurs
• One click activation and QR Code scanning for instant remote access from anywhere
• View Live Video and Playback in Full Resolution
• View up to 16 cameras at once
• Two Way Audio for supported DVRs and IP Cameras